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Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty is a  salon that offers industry experience in permanent eyelash extension Watergardens services not only to clients from Taylors Lake where we are located but throughout all of Melbourne. Keeping your eyelashes stunning and healthy is always our top priority.  When presenting you with our wide range of eyelash extensions, we will apply the extensions after proper consideration as per the look you want. Over our successful tenure, We have helped 100’s women who have chosen the services of Eye Love to achieve the stunning lashes look they desired.

Permanent eyelash extension by Cleopatra’s hair and Beauty 

permanent eyelash extension in watergardens are a popular cosmetic plan designed to enhance the length, curl, thickness, and fullness of natural eyelashes. The process involves attaching individual artificial eyelashes to each natural eyelash, creating a longer and more voluminous appearance. 

The process involved in Permanent eyelash extension

Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty first discusses with the client how they want to look like, by keeping in mind the natural eyelashes of a client and other factors like the shape of an eye and face structure.

Selection of material to use for eyelash extension 

Types of material like Synthetic, silk, mink, etc. Clients choose what type of material they want to use, and what style the client wants l whether it should be natural, cat-eye, Dramatic, etc. Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty provides recommendations to clients based on their choice and health of natural eyelashes. 

Cleaning process Before applying the eyelash extension 

Before the process begins, first Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty wash the eyelashes of the client so that the dust, makeup, and oil get removed. Also, they use under-eye pads to protect the lower eyelashes and delicate skin. 

Applying process after cleaning process 

Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty uses tools like tweezers to attach the eyelashes that the clients choose with natural eyelashes. Our staff is well qualified and professionally skilled, also they use semi-permanent adhesive which is safe to use around the eyes. 

Remodeling the eyelashes after the completion of applying process

After applying the Artificial eyelashes with the natural ones it’s time to remodel the length, curl, and thickness based on the natural eyelash state. 

Drying process 

Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty Salon uses a special adhesive which is formulated to dry quickly, till the adhesive gets completely dry till the time your eyes remain closed for a short duration of time. 

Quality Assurance 

Once the Permanent eyelashes are applied, the staff will ensure that each eyelashes are safely bound and any additional changes may be made if required. 

After Care instructions for eyelashes 

After work is done with permanent eyelash extension in watergardens our staff will give you instructions like not to use water, steam, oil-based products, rubbing the eyes, and many more for a certain period.

Requirement of maintaining eyelash aftercare 

Clients are required to maintain their eyelashes typically with touch-ups or infills every 3-4 weeks to replace lashes that are naturally shredded. 

Other extension services provided by Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty  

Natural eyelash extension 

Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty provide natural eyelash extensions by keeping the points in mind concerning clients like eye shape, eye color, etc. Our staff discusses before the extension process with clients how they want the eyelashes to look and how they will achieve it.

Our eyelashes are waterproof which gives the clients a good appearance without worrying about smudging They last up to 4 weeks without falling out from the natural eyelashes and they come in different sizes and styles so that they provide the desired look to the clients as they want.

Hybrid eyelash extension 

Hybrid eyelashes are a 50:50 mixture of classic eyelash extensions. They often go by the common term ‘mixed set eyelash application’ and appear impressively versatile. After applying in Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty, you can achieve denser and thicker eyelashes.

If you desire to achieve a dense look then Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty is the right choice for you as it texturizes the look, and adds the needed length to your natural eyelashes, you can use it regularly without any additional makeup.

Russian eyelash extension 

Russian eyelash extension is also an excellent choice for clients who want much denser and darker eyelashes. Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty is also skilled at Russian eyelash extensions it contains multiple lash strand sizes between 0.3-0.7 mm. Russian lashes are suitable for only those who have brittle or fine lashes and those who wish to add depth, and length, to real eyelashes. Benefits would be filling the gaps between the eyelashes, being safe to use, and providing less damage around the eyes lastly, it saves a lot of time on prep. But it takes almost 2 hours to perform the Russian eyelash extension work, 

Words by Neeri’s Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty 

She is the owner and the founder of Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty in Water Gardens, Taylors Lakes, Australia. She has an experience more than 25 years in the field of hair and beauty services. She’s an expert in permanent eyelash extension work. She aims to provide excellent service to the clients so they look good.  

Summary of Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty  

Cleopatra’s Hair and Beauty is an excellent industry in the field of cosmetics (all beauty work ) permanent eyelash extension in watergardens, Taylors Lake, Australia providing great work in eyelash extensions of all types. Client satisfaction is our priority. We do all work systematically and professionally. Our services, more than 100s women have chosen our service and have achieved the stunning look they desire.